Yasiel Puig may go unsigned for the rest of 2020

Yasiel Puig may go unsigned for the rest of 2020

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   Last year Yasiel Puig split the season between the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians. Prior to this he was in Los Angeles where he hasn’t played for the Dodgers since the end of the 2018 season. The current Coronavirus pandemic has suspended the start of the MLB and all other major sports leagues. Yasiel Puig may go unsigned for the rest of 2020. The MLB Star even believes, there will not be a 2020 season!

Yasiel recently had an interview with El Nuevo Herald, where he shared his thoughts about the season and hopeful plans.

“We hope to play in 2021. I don’t think there will be baseball in 2020, but if there is, we will be in some team. I have to stay positive. If the coronavirus has not made me negative, nothing will make me negative.”, said Yasiel.

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Yasiel is one of the MLB’s top free agents so it’s a bit surprising as to why he hasn’t found an offer. In the 2019 season he put out .267/.327/.458 in 149 games between the Reds and the Indians. While smashing 24 home runs, he couldn’t quite find his footing. He struck out more times in the 2019 season than he ever before in his career. 

He has received a few offers, but nothing has peaked his interest enough to commit. The Miami Marlins had offered him a contract along with another National League team, which he did not name. Its been rumored that the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels have also shown interest.

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The twenty nine year old is looking for a bigger deal and looking to get paid what he thinks he’s worth. His contract with The Dodgers was Seven years for $42 million. Miami offered him an estimated contract worth $10 million for one year. In an interview with El Nuevo Herald and translated by Pro Sports Merch, Yasiel said,

“There are other teams that aren’t the Marlins. Yes, they were one of the first to offer and I did not agree with the financials. I asked for more to play in front of my Cubans, close to my homeland. But it is difficult. I played six years with the Dodgers. There, my Mexicans adore me! They appreciate me. I don’t have to hit 5-5.”

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While the start of the 2020 season is uncertain, President Trump has shared his thoughts. While many believe it’s too early to start back up again, sports fans are itching for some organized competition.

Last week during a White House briefing President Trump announced “Many of them are going to be starting without the fans, so it’ll be made for television,”

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This was based of guidance and discussions he had with top sports executives and commissioners to an advisory named “Open Our Country” task force. 

“The good old days, made for television. We’ll go that way and then the fans will start coming in, maybe they’ll be separated by two seats, and then ultimately we want to have packed arenas. When the virus is gone, we’re going to have packed arenas and we’re going to be back to enjoying sports the way they’re supposed to be.”

We can only hope its sooner rather than later, I for one will gladly watch sports without fans in attendance!

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