New bill allows Student Athletes to be compensated

New bill allows Student Athletes to be compensated

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  If you read our post from a few weeks ago we discussed how the NCAA has proposed organizing a change to start allowing college student-athletes to begin receiving endorsement deals for using their name, photos and likeness. In a new Update, Student-athletes will also be able to hire sports agents. The governing board unanimously voted yes. New bill allows student athletes to be compensated! They will be able to receive money for using their name, picture, and likeness at the discretion of the individual. The law may not go into effect until July 2021. However, Congress may still lift restrictions on college athletes to still be paid for using their name and photos.

California is the first state to pass NIL law, followed by Colorado and Florida. California Governor, Gavin Newsom, received a letter in September 2019 from the NCAA stating they oppose the State’s “Fair Pay to Play Act,” sighting that it would “up mend level playing fields for all student-athletes.”

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Florida has increased urgency for the NCAA to move forward. This is because the Act goes into effect a year and half (18 months) before the other states. There are two dozen more states working to implement these similar laws. Florida is the third state to pass the NIL law based on the current NCAA regulations that restrict college athlete compensation. During a signing ceremony at the University of Miami, Governor Joseph De Santis said, “I just want to say Florida is leading on this and if you’re a blue-chip high school recruit out there trying to figure out where to go I think any of our Florida schools is a great landing spot.”

What does this mean for student-athletes striving to get into schools and succeed in the industry, as well as making money while using their talent and ultimately succeeding in their career? Only time will tell.

The NCAA has not released any details on how future student-athletes will be able to benefit with ongoing changes, however, it has been said that decisions will be made before January 2021. According to the NCAA, they will be modifying rules and enhancing opportunities for student-athletes, however, did not mention, “Pay to play” in their statement.

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Will this create a higher demand for Universities in Florida, California, Colorado, as well as the two dozen other states that are working to implement the law? Will the top athletes be more inclined to commit and be accepted into certain colleges for additional perks? Only time will tell as the “Pay to Play Act” has yet to go into effect.

Many student-athletes have dedicated years of practice, hard work and have sacrificed their mental and physical health in order to achieve their ultimate goal. Until the ultimate decision is made, these student-athletes will keep seeking for answers.

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Tweet by LeBron James, an activist for the “Fair Pay to Play Act,”

“It’s a beautiful day for all college athletes going forward from this day on! Thank you guys for allowing me to bring more light to it. I’m so proud of the team at @uninterrupted bringing focus on this and to everyone who has been fighting this fight. Not a victory but a start!


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