NCAA will allow athletes make endorsement deals

NCAA will allow athletes make endorsement deals


    The NCAA began outlining a plan which will eventually allow student athletes to begin earning money. College Athletes have been waiting years for this! This change would begin next year at the start of the 2021 academic year. Currently student athletes are unable to cash in on their athletic fame, that’s all about to change. NCAA will allow athletes make endorsement deals.

What are some earning figures they’ll see? For most athletes the potential income will be modest, but the elite will see much higher paydays.

“The right athlete could be making millions,” said Leigh Steinberg, the agent who represents Tagovailoa, who was selected by the Miami Dolphins with the fifth overall pick in the N.F.L. draft last week. “But I don’t think that’s trickling down to the other 100 players in the program. It’s a star system.”

Tua Tagovailoa, Pro Sports Merch

Lets use Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins as an example. He was a brands dream athlete, million+ followers, hidden talents (he’s a decent singer and ukulele player) and threw the winning touchdown in the national tittle game. But due to NCAA rules he was unable to capitalize on any of this until this past January when he announced he was leaving school for the NFL draft.

After signing a four-year, $30+ million dollar deal with the Miami Dolphins, Tua has landed four endorsement deals. These deals include the brands Muscle Milk, Wing stop, Bose, and the most recent, Adidas! He shot a commercial with Muscle Milk that is airing Nationally.


The NCAA will be working alongside congress for their support with new regulations and a nationwide plan. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, and upcoming presidential election in November, those involved are hoping for the best. “Everybody is realistic about those difficulties”– Said Mark Emmert, the N.C.A.A. president. It’s going to be challenging to get a nationwide law passed related to college sports.

 A nationwide law would enforce uniformity, and prevents further regulations and possible loopholes at the state level. The goal is to override anything states come up with and maintain a consistent set of code across the nation. The last thing we want is a University in one state having an unfair advantage over another. 

“Yet, no matter how you cut it, this represents a landmark change. A year ago, no one would have expected the N.C.A.A. to move definitely toward giving college athletes their name, image and likeness rights.” -Said Nancy Skinner, a state senator.

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 What are some of the guidelines the new rules will follow? The following comes directly from the NCAA’s announcement. These are a set of standards they the Board has already began forming.

  • Ensuring student-athletes are treated similarly to non athlete students unless a compelling reason exists to differentiate. 
  • Maintaining the priorities of education and the collegiate experience to provide opportunities for student-athlete success. 
  • Ensuring rules are transparent, focused and enforceable, and facilitating fair and balanced competition. 
  • Making clear the distinction between collegiate and professional opportunities. 
  • Making clear that compensation for athletics performance or participation is impermissible. 
  • Reaffirming that student-athletes are students first and not employees of the university. 
  • Enhancing principles of diversity, inclusion and gender equity. 
  • Protecting the recruiting environment and prohibiting inducements to select, remain at or transfer to a specific institution.

What are some opportunities that college athletes will be able to take advantage of?

The new NCAA plan will allow players to make deals such as paid autograph sessions, paid social media influencers, appear in commercials, private and public appearances, earn money from moments of public fame and more.

“It feels like a revolutionary event after all these years of resisting this concept,” Steinberg said. “It’s a major paradigm shift. This is the embryonic first step, but over time we’ll see whole new systems develop to support this.”

Tua Tagovailoa Autograph, Pro Sports Merch

What are some of the restrictions?

Students are unable to be paid directly from Universities or be treated as school employees. Athletes will also be unable to use a school, their jersey, player number, or conference logo. They are considering prohibiting endorsements from companies in the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Sports Gambling industries. The main priority and focus will remain the students education. 

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It’s a new shift for college sports and the athletes involved. Many have been waiting years for this day! Student athletes who will be attending college in the upcoming years will want to begin growing their social following as early as possible. 

A uniformed set of rules is going to be the best outcome. Imagine a state with fewer restrictions for athletic endorsements. Down the road this would begin creating a talent shift to those parts of the country creating “unfair advantages”. Or, what about athletes who are considered adults in their home states, but have yet to enter college?

“It’s starting to beg the question,” said Cameron Weiss, an agent for Dynamic Sports Group. “If we’re going to allow this at the college level, what about the high school level?”

What are some challenges you see student athletes facing?

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