Drew Bree’s will be a future NFL Announcer

Drew Bree’s will be a future NFL Announcer

Drew Brees Superbowl, Pro Sports Merch

   NFL legend, check! Super bowl ring, check! What’s next for Brees after he retires from playing football? Drew Bree’s will be a future NFL Announcer. Bree’s will be joining NBC in a broadcasting role replacing Cris Collinsworth. Collingsworth has been with NBC since 1990, at one point he could was seen broadcasting on three networks during NFL Season!

But, Brees won’t be jumping in and begin announcing NFL games right away. The plan is for him to start as a football analyst for NBC’s weekly Norte Dame games and on Sundays join their “Football Night in America” panels. Once he gets comfortable in his new role, will be seeing and hearing a lot more of him. 

Drew Brees, The Saints

Practice makes perfect! If all goes as planned, Bree’s will eventually have a more centered role in the NFL Networks coverage and begin doing pre and post games, and start hosting “Sunday Night Football” games. Drew Bree’s will be part of the NFL, long after he retires from playing.

“Like all NFL fans, we look forward to watching Drew continue his Hall of Fame career this fall, and we are confident his post-playing career will be just as successful,” a rep for NBC Sports told The Post.

 Prior to agreeing on a deal with NBC, Brees had turned down a $6 million deal with ESPN. Likewise, ESPN had rejected a counter offer that Brees made. While we don’t know what the contract with NBC is, its expected to be less then what was offered by ESPN.

Dree Brees, Pro Sports Merch
January 05: Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints celebrates after a second quarter rushing touchdown by Alvin Kamara #41 against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Wild Card Playoff game on January 05, 2020 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Last month Drew agreed to a two-year contract extension remaining with his same team, the New Orleans Saint’s. This deal is worth $50 million, with only the first year guaranteed. With this extension, Bree’s accepted less then he could allowing The Saint’s to continue building up the team for the 2020 season. He’ll be able to retire after the 2020 season, or keep it going. This upcoming season will make it his 20th season in the NFL!

“I look forward to the grind and the journey, for the reward at the end will be worth it!!!” Brees wrote on Instagram. “Love you #WhoDatNation. Let’s make another run at it!”

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“Right now I’m focused on training for this season, enjoying time with my wife & kids, and re-learning fifth grade math!” Brees told ESPN via text message.

   Bree’s will be the sixth quarterback to play twenty plus seasons, and the second quarterback to play with two or less teams. At 41 years old he’s has his eye on the prize, playing towards another Super bowl ring. The Saints continue to be Super Bowl contenders featuring a powerhouse lineup with Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Jared Cook. With the NFL Draft only a couple of weeks away, Let’s see what the can cook up in the offseason. 

 Do you think The Saint’s will go marching into the Super bowl next season? Let us know!

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